Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Survey says...

Thanks for voting! The results are in and the decisions have been made!

Second dates this week will be with the following individuals:
  • Becca & Britt
  • Jessica & Nick
  • Kim & Josh
  • Mauren & Danny
Check back later for a full recap of the dates and our thoughts on the overall project. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Voting Instructions

It's here! The voting period for our second dates has arrived! 

We've each been on 10 dates over the last 40 days and are looking to secure a second date with one of those young men for Wednesday, March 28. But we need your help to decide who you think would be the best fit for each of us!

To help refresh your memory on who's who, we've included a list below, complete with links to each entry.

Remember, your vote will count as 2/3 of the decision, with each of us having 1/3 of the say, as well. Tell your friends and let us know who you want to see us go out with again! We'll report later this week on our experiences, complete with an overview of our project recap.

To access the survey, go to http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22F8FSVNC7Y. You can vote as many times as you'd like. The survey is open now and will close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27.

One last thing, we want to thank each of you for your support over the last 40+ days. It has been an incredible journey and one we won't soon forget. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. 

Be sure to check back on Tuesday night to see who's been selected for date number 2! 





Day 40 - Jessica & Tony

Two truths and a lie about my tenth and final date: (1) I got to sit in the cockpit of an actual, working, commercial plane (2) My date proposed marriage to me and I said yes (3) I had a terrible time (see end of post for answer key)

Ok peeps, here we are...the end of this crazy, fun, frustrating at times but ultimately rewarding experience. For my tenth date, Becca was so kind and helped me get a date here in Houston, but as usual nothing went according to plan and I ended up stranded in Austin, unable to return in time for the date. After some last-minute shuffling, my dear, beautiful, kind, amazing (insert infinity positive adjectives here) friend Kendyl once again came to the rescue and set me up with Tony.

Tony was working last night at the airport but he said if I wanted to come join him there, he could get me past security and we could have a grand ol' time together. I know many weary travelers who would NOT think this sounded like a fun idea, but I immediately got excited about the idea of frolicking through an abandoned airport at night. When's the last time you heard of anyone having free reign since September 11, 2001? I agreed to meet Tony at the airport with dinner in tow, and the date was set! My assigned day for the date was today (Sunday), but I figured if the date went until 12:01am it could count. (And if you disagree, neener neener, it's already done.)

I arrived at the airport with Thai food I had grabbed to go and walked with some trepidation towards the airline check in where Tony was waiting for me. He had asked for my name and birthday ahead of time and had a boarding pass ready for me. I walked to the security gate (no line!), took off my shoes, and placed them in a bin along with the food. The security guards were in jovial moods and let me through with only a little teasing, and no pat down. I then walked to the abandoned food court where Tony was waiting with his bright smile that was my constant companion for the rest of the evening.

We sat down and began our feast together. Tony is half Mexican, half Philipino Filipino (that's for you, Skylar!) and ALL hilarious! He is a free spirit, and I love it!! Our banter was immediate and ever so entertaining. We had just enough small talk to establish that we both moved to Texas two years ago and then had too much fun just being silly to talk about anything else from our past lives. (Sorry, that means I have no idea if he has all brothers or not). I immediately felt comfortable around Tony, and we laughingly held hands and gazed into each other's eyes, and Tony did in fact ask if I wanted to marry him. Tomorrow. I of course accepted, then asked if we could have kids. He said no, WE can't, but reassured me that I could have them if I wanted. Phew, dilemma solved!

After we finished eating, Tony asked if I wanted to board the plane that had just arrived at the gate after all the passengers got off. Um, duh, yes! We walked to the gate and I waited patiently, smiling and welcoming weary travelers to Austin, while Tony disappeared for a little bit to take care of some work duties (he was on shift, after all). Then, I followed him down the abandoned concourse and entered the plane. Just so you know, being one of two people (three, if you count Tony's coworker who we asked to take pictures for us) on an empty, commercial plane is just as awesome as you'd think it might be. I got to explore the cockpit (I was careful not to push any buttons, as tempting as it was!), skip up and down the aisle, look at all the snack drawers (Tony may or may not have shared some goodies with me), and also Tony and I used the overhead PA and safety equipment to do our very own safety presentation. To an audience of one. He may have thought we were ridiculous, but we thought we were awesome. And Tony totally rocks that neck raft, by the by.

After lots of photo ops and more goofing around, Tony and I left the aircraft and then spent some time just running around the dark and abandoned airport for fun. Maybe we were acting like 6 year olds, skipping and frolicking without abandon, and maybe you should be jealous. I would be.

The rest of the evening was spent playing and laughing some more. Tony is honestly one of the funnest guys I've met in a really long time. His ever-present smile was really contagious, and his quick (as in lightening fast!) wit kept me on my toes all night and I loved the challenge of keeping up with him. By the end of our evening together, I felt lighthearted and invigorated, and really happy to have met such an obviously generous, good and fun man. We parted as insta-friends (in real life AND on Facebook...thank you smart phones) and I am looking forward to seeing him again on future trips to Austin. He was the perfect end to this experience, and it was so nice to go out on a high note!

ANSWER KEY: (1) True! (2) True!!! (3) ABSOLUTELY FALSE, I had a GREAT time!

Day 39 - Becca & Britt

Hey there, Blog!

So just as I start to get used to giving you all my after-date thoughts  the project comes to an end. Oh well. You'll be happy to hear that the ten dates ended strong with the first annual HonkyTonk Music Festival in Tomball, TX. . . Can I just say that after reviewing the other 38 dates I have realized that I am the biggest hick out of the 4 girls. Who knew?!. . . Ok. . . I could have guessed, but with all the Bull Riding and Honky Tonk my boots have gotten some good use in the last 40 days. Yee Haw!

Before I go into the date details I have to give a quick shout out to Cristi. Thanks Yenta! :) Moving on. . .

Britt and I were introduced at a St. Patrick's day party. (Pretty lucky, right?!) We exchanged information and I started to plan our date for the next week. ( I love to plan!) With the date being on Saturday I was thinking we could hit up some car shows (who doesn't like cars?) ,but those plans changed as soon as I heard about the HonkyTonk Music Festival. I let Britt decide between the two ideas and he picked HonkyTonk. Not at all what I expected, but exactly what I was hoping for. Yea!

The date started bright and early at 10:30am when Britt came to pick me up. The festival started at 11 and we didn't want to be late. :) Here are the first things I noticed about him: 1. Very handsome guy with strikingly blue eyes. 2. Total gentleman. (Honestly, I have opened so few car doors in the last 40 days I think my right arm muscles are starting to atrophy.) I was a little nervous that Britt was going to be super shy and I was going to have to carry the whole conversation, but that was not the case. He was totally engaging and easy to talk to.

As we made our way north to Tomball we talked about life (he's
from SoCal), work (HP), and travel. He served his mission in Japan and goes to that side of the world often for work. He's even been to my second home in Moscow, Russia. . . well the airport anyway. . . but that's close enough. It was super easy to be myself with Britt and have a good time. By 10:53 we had found the park where they were having the festival and weren't too surprised that we were showing up at the same time as some of the vendors and the band. I think you should expect a slow start with the words "first annual" preceding the event. We got back in the car and drove around Tomball a little bit to give them some more time to get ready. When we returned the band was playing and there pony rides were in full swing.

The park was small but very inviting. It was surrounded by antique shops, an old train station, and a whole group of cute little old ladies in red hats and purple shirts. We followed the red hats into an old barn that has been converted into a soda shop. This 50's inspired diner had only been open for two weeks and was adorable. The owner, Nonnie, made sure all the details were covered with menus that came on records, waitresses in vintage frilly pink and blue aprons, and hand made soda and ice cream. The staff was super bubbly and helpful. If you are up in Tomball stop by for sure.  Britt was a regular Don Juan with the staff, it was fun to see that side of him. He was completely personable and laid back. We both tried the root beer (way good!) and ordered a small lunch. As we ate, a small herd of women in red and purple filed into the back room. Curiosity got the better of Britt and after we had finished eating we headed to the back room to meet these ladies in red hats. We were enthusiastically met by Sondi. She was the ring leader of Tomball's chapter of the Red Hat Society, and a total spit-fire. She put Britt in his place with a few choice words and then told us all about the fun they have dressing up and meeting monthly. Sondi even offered to let me join, but I would have to wear a pink hat till I reached full maturity. I just might take her up on that. :)

After lunch we watched the band for a few minutes and then had to cut the date short because I had to work. (Lame!) Once home, Britt asked if he could walk me to the door. I'd never been asked that before, but it was totally cute. We hugged goodbye and I went inside. As I shut the door behind me I stepped to the side, leaned against the wall, and sighed. I did it! I went on 10 dates in 40 days with 10 awesome guys. I thought about how many firsts I've encountered in the last 40 days and how much I've grown and gotten to know myself. It has been quite the adventure and I am a better person for having done it. I just want to say thank you to each gentleman who participated. I honestly had a ball with each of them, and took something away from each date. . .wallets, credit cards, keys. . . .just kidding. :)) This has started a new chapter in my life. One where I hope to be a little more fearless and open for putting myself out there, allowing good things to happen, like good second dates. :)

Thanks for going on this journey with me Blog. I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me.

Love ya!