Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 25 - Mauren & Danny

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Hurray for Saturday dates! I really love the freedom that comes with them – so many more options for activities. However, I will definitely say that if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this whole experience (don’t worry, I’ve learned more), it’s that you can still go out on fun dates during the week. Saturdays are just a little easier. :)

Today I went out with Danny, another guy I know from church and had a fantastic time! We had discussed doing a lunchtime date and were settling on an activity when Danny suggested we go to a shooting range to shoot handguns. I was STOKED!!!

It’s actually something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, which probably sounds strange to most people that know me, but I blame it on Doug Hayes. His daughter, Amanda, was a roommate of mine at BYU. One weekend we planned a trip up to visit her family in Boise, where her dad introduced me to bacon-wrapped jalapenos (amazing!!), 4-wheeling and shotgun shooting. I loved it! I’ve been skeet shooting three times but had never used a handgun and I was thrilled at the chance to do so!

We planned to go out for lunch before the shooting range, so Danny picked me up and we headed to Los Cucos, a local Mexican restaurant. The conversation flowed easily and surprisingly took a spiritual turn as we talked about various aspects of the Gospel. Danny’s been a member of the LDS church for nearly 3 years now and has demonstrated a dedication and understanding of the principles taught therein that is sometimes hard to find even in a lifelong member and I really admire that. It’s something that is extremely important to me and it’s always nice to find young men who feel the same way. Though I had observed it in his behavior before, I was happy to hear that commitment in his words, too.

Danny kindly paid for lunch and we headed to a local shooting range he found online called Spring Guns and Ammo. Along the way we got to talking about something we mutually love – dogs. Danny can’t wait to own a home so he can have one and I can’t wait to someday live close enough to where I work so that I can responsibly own one. We also learned that we’re both pretty partial to the kind of dogs we grew up with – he would love to have a dachshund and I would love to own a maltapoo (maltese and poodle mix). We shared some of our fondest memories and characteristics of each, and I found it incredible how much animals influence our lives.

When we arrived at the shooting range, we put our name on the waiting list and spent the next 30 minutes or so looking around the store at various types of guns and accessories. My “gun knowledge” is pretty limited, so it was all pretty new to me.

We approached one of the counters as we waited, where an employee showed us various pistols and talked to us about their concealed handgun-licensing course (cheapest in town by the way). As we talked, the salesman learned that it was the first time either of us had visited their location and to our surprise, gave us a certificate for us to shoot during our time slot for FREE!! Now, going shooting was pretty exciting to me, but going for free was even better!!!

After receiving the certificate, we continued to wander as Danny educated me on the various gun types and uses. One of my favorite sites of our visit to the storeroom floor was the “old lady” (her words, not mine) holding a Tommy gun (think Dick Tracey). The store was full of men and an occasional young woman, but to see an older lady holding a Tommy gun like she did was a site to behold! I leaned over to Danny and said in what I thought was a quiet whisper, “Now THAT I would love to get a picture of!” She must have heard me though because she then asked if I wanted to get a picture of her holding it! Though slightly hesitant, I couldn’t resist the opportunity so, for your viewing pleasure, I present the secretary of a local church holding a gun that looks more out of place on her anyone else I could have found in the store. Enjoy, I know I did. :)

When it was our turn to shoot, Danny purchased an extra target and we went to our assigned lane to get set up. Danny was very patient as he taught me how to safely and properly load and use the gun. It gave a little more kickback than I was expecting at first, but I quickly got use to it and really enjoyed it. We took turns shooting the targets, had a few friendly competitions and overall had a fantastic time. I really had a blast and was so glad that Danny was there to experience it with me. Thanks, Danny!

Well, that wraps up date number 7 for me. I can’t believe we’re almost done! Just two weeks remain before we finish the initial dates and then we’ll open up voting for who you think we should each go out with a second time. I’m excited to see what the results are and who our readers think is the best match for each of us, so be thinking about your favorites. We hope you’ll stick with us ‘til the end!

So apparently I can't point and look at the camera at the same time, but I was supposed to be pointing to the shot near the orange dot. That was mine!
 Shooting like a pro!

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